SEU 012 Are You a Well-Kept Secret? YES! You Are!

This lecture is loosely based on the agenda below. I just jot down the order of topics as you see, then just record. This is how I give talks, demo software, do voice-overs, etc. This style isn’t for everyone.

  • Are you a well-kept secret?
    • HR/recruiters are lazy and under-capable
    • How/where would someone, or a search program, find you?
    • What would they find?
      • Social media search
      • Google blunt search
      • Reasons you would be a risk?
    • Why ‘branding’ and ‘image’ are crucial
  • Do SEs need more than skill?
    • Job keywords/resume only get you noticed-no INTEREST generated
    • The soft skills
      • Are you annoying or unpresentable?
      • How to say “No” w/out saying “No”…
      • How to say “You’re wrong” w/out saying “You’re wrong”…

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