SEU 014 All About Demos Part 2 of 2

What kinds of demos are there?

Are generic demos just as good as targeted ones? Worth the effort? Who should give a demo?
Risks & Rewards…
How do you actually *do* a demo (or present anything, for that matter)?
What should you accomplish in the first, second, and third minute of any presentation/demo?
How to give “qualified yes” instead of a “no”.
Who gets what out of these demos? And finally, we touch on just what an SE is really supposed to be doing, and how to keep your sales reps calibrated.

One thought on “SEU 014 All About Demos Part 2 of 2”

  1. I have a PPT that is over 460 slides from IBM Japan while over there one trip. That is not a typo.
    I had one SE tell e they never have more than 10 slides total-TOTAL. I’ve used that as my guide since. But this is for static, 2D, non-interactive “demos”, and not for more interesting interactive, leave-behind media… I should show some of my portfolio in one of these videos… Would that be of interest?

    Would you like to share?

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