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If I’m In Charge Of Deciding, Then Why Aren’t I Employed?

From LinkedIn a few minutes ago:

Why am I getting so sick of the ‘salary’ stumbling block?

World’s Most Interesting Engineer at Your Company

I have been around enough now to pretty much see it all. I remember when it was the headhunter/recruiter/agent/employer/hiring manager that actually made a decision whether you were on the short, long, or any list. They knew what they were looking for.

Then came the budget cuts that ruined almost everything-including the entire hiring paradigm (I’m using that word here to impress you, as I have no idea how it applies). It seems like it happened overnight…

Job seekers now filter based on keywords, and I am bombarded by mail merge emails asking me to go to some web site and ‘register’-which means spending 30 minutes filling in database fields for them to do those keyword searches later.

“Take a look at this req, and if you are a match-or you know someone who is-go fill in this registration form…” How has this improved things for a job seeker? Now, I am expected to spend my entire day filling out forms so that someone who has no idea what I do for a living can send me job alerts for roles that are anything but what I do-simply because there was a keyword match.

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