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IMG_9393(note helper at bottom left)



IMG_9396The card stock is so thick, they can put a color of your choosing IN the layers!

IMG_9401Made In America (Providence, Rhode Island)


IMG_9404No, it’s not real wax… But impressive nonetheless!


IMG_9406The fantasy of bee’s wax shattered… :)

IMG_9407There is a nice little box that can hold about 40 cards included, which has nice magnetic closing to it. You basically keep cards in this for ready access so they won’t get damaged…


IMG_9409The back side of the business cards… I actually left the lower quote of mine light on light intentionally (the text “…want something you don’t have“.

IMG_9410The front of the cards, with a few pics from the field, my phone & business email…

IMG_9412The camera picks everything up, but to the human eye, when you see these the imagery is silky smooth & sharp. It’s a printing trick that uses less ink, and can only be seen under magnification, as the human brain tries to create a smooth image out of any fragments.

IMG_9415I had a red layer inserted by Moo to draw attention to it. You’ll see how thick these are in a second…

IMG_9416Comparison: On the left are 10 regular business cards-not the really thin ones, but the normal thickness. On the right are 10 of my cards. they are 4x as thick!

IMG_9417These cards are included with the order, one for each card stock ordered. The order itself is printed on the sample. But I like these because my cards are expensive, and I don’t want to waste a perfectly good one to scribble on to see if my Fountain Pen ink will work with the paper stock. These give me sample stock to ensure the ink I’ll be using will adhere properly. So far, all I’ve tried have been great!

IMG_9419These are the Thank You cards. I used their imagery, then modified a few things make it all look professional.

IMG_9421This box is just like the one for the business cards. It is super thick, and has magnetic latches. You would keep 10-15 in here, with envelopes, on your desk ready to go, with the rest safely stored. Refill when empty…

IMG_9422I kept the Thank You cards really, really simple. BTW, these are THICK, and all one piece, like a post card. Above is both sides. My # is +1 (MAN) TRA-INOR

IMG_9423These have a blue layer in them. Other choices also included white.

IMG_9424…and finally, how they look in my leather card holder… Snug as bugs in a rug, waiting to impress my next prospect, customer, or future professional acquaintance…

TheseĀ  Cards on Moo.com are called “Luxe”, and are so big there are a few restrictions as to what you can do with them. In all cases, you can upload complete artwork (like I did with the business cards) creating your own from scratch. I used Adobe Illustrator

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