My book: Sales Consulting with Sales Engineers

Are you a Sales Engineer? Do you manage Sales Engineers? How about Sales Consultant? I’d really like to help you get some visibility in my book in exchange for a few quotes from you. Free is a great price, and it’s a win-win! Contact me!

I’m pulling the trigger on the book I’ve had in my head for several years now. I can essentially do every chapter from memory, the same way I do these videos-right off the top of my head.

I’ve fine-tuned my messaging, methodologies, and other things I consistently, repeatedly use to help people be successful, so what am I waiting for?

Well, for one thing, I’m dreading hiring an editor… I don’t have $20k laying around to pay an editor, even if I could find someone knowledgeable in this niche.

I’ll post excerpts here for you all to comment on, as you are cheap labor! Seriously, I don’t know how I’ll get past hat hurdle. An editor can make a good book great. And every author thinks they don’t need an editor.

If you are a Sales Engineer, or manage them, please contact me here to have the answers to a few questions we’ll agree on in the book.

What are your thoughts?

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